Publisher: Western Publishing
Publication Dates: December 1973 – February 1976
Number of Issues Published: 10 (#1 – #10)
Color: Full Color
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age U.S.
Paper Stock: Glossy cover; Newsprint interior
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Based on the 1968-1975 television series of the same name

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Adam-12 is a television police drama that followed two police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Pete Malloy and Jim Reed, as they rode the streets of Los Angeles in their patrol unit, 1-Adam-12.

Created by R. A. Cinader and Jack Webb, also known for creating Dragnet, the series starred Martin Milner and Kent McCord and captured a typical day in the life of a police officer as realistically as possible. The show originally ran from September 21, 1968 through May 20, 1975, and helped introduce police procedures and jargon to the general public in the United States.

Adam-12 featured the year-old LAPD Rampart Division station at 2710 West Temple Street as the setting for the series. However, according to the radio call sign of the unit “1-Adam-12”, the patrol area was within the Central Division (Division One), which serves Downtown Los Angeles, rather than Rampart (Division Two). Many of the filming locations were in the San Fernando Valley, and the garage used tow trucks from the North Hollywood Division, close to Universal Studios which co-produced the show with Mark VII. The Temple Street building was closed in 2008, as a newer and larger station now houses the Rampart Division; the old building is being renovated to serve as headquarters for LAPD’s Metro Division, an elite reserve unit that includes counterterrorism and SWAT platoons.

The designation “1-Adam-12” is a combination of three elements. The first element indicates the unit’s LAPD division. The second element indicates the type of unit. The third element identifies the patrol car’s number. The one in 1-Adam-12 means the patrol car operates in Division 1 (Central Division). LAPD assigns two-person units the letter “A”. In the LAPD phonetic alphabet, the letter “A” is spoken as “Adam”. The third element is the last two digits of the patrol car’s number. In the program, 1-Adam-12 typically operated in the Rampart Division, Division 2, not the Central Division, Division 1, meaning the unit’s call sign should have technically been 2-Adam-12. There was never an actual patrol car with the call sign of 1-Adam-12.




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