Publisher: Novelty Press
Publication Dates: Fall 1945 – July 1948
Number of Issues Published: 23 (#v1#1 – #v3#12)
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Golden Age US
Paper Stock: glossy cover; newsprint interior
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: was ongoing series

Numbering continues as Criminals on the Run (Novelty Press, 1948 series).

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Kingston “King” Cole Jr. was a young detective who operated in Big City, USA. His father, Kingston Cole, was a renowned detective who founded the Cole Detective Agency.

Even when he was young, King knew that he was smarter than other kids. He attended Langdon Prep School and, like his famous cousin, he was able to graduate two years early. King went on to attend an unnamed State College, where he completed a four-year degree in two and a half years, graduating summa cum laude. During his time there, he became an accomplished athlete. He was a captain of the wrestling team, constantly made first or second place in cross-country races and generally excelled in gymnastics, aquatic sports and self-defense.

Upon graduating, King told his father that he would like nothing more than to work for Cole Detective Agency. The elder King was more than happy to accept. But a little over a week later, an unnamed U.S. government agency ordered Kingston Cole to go on a secret mission. He decided that he had no choice but to turn over the company to his son until he returned.

At first, the members of Cole Detective Agency had doubts about their new boss, but King Cole Jr was able to prove himself fairly quickly. It wasn’t long before they worked as well-oiled machine, bringing criminals down in with deduction, research, subterfuge and occasionally brute force. Their most persistent enemy was the notorious Spade Gang. No matter how many times they stopped them, some gang member got away and rebuilt it from scratch. They were assisted by Dick Cole on at least one occasion.

Some links must have been switched around, but all issues are there.


UPDATE 19-08-2016

v3 1



v1 1-4, v2 1-3


v2 5-7, v3 2,4-6


v3 7-12, v4 2

V4 2 is actually v2 4, you have to rename that one.


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  1. macsnafu says:

    This is a pretty good series of detective comics, especially the main feature, Young King Cole and the feature Toni Gayle, Model/Detective. These are all in the public domain, I’ve been reading them over at Comic Book Plus.
    A couple of your download links above have been switched around, but they all seem to be there.


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